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Wildflower Farm

About the Farm

When Peter and Jane O'Shea bought 60 acres for a  farm,they ignored how badly commercial agriculture practices had exhausted the crop land. They had a vision of a healthy lifestyle for their young family, the animals they would take into their care, and the wildlife that might return with dedicated stewardship. 

Visit during the Tour weekend to gather a dose of that goodwill and intention for yourself.  

Today, the restored prairie is alive with migratory birds, butterflies, insects, and native animals drawn back just as they imagined. Deer graze along side the Icelandic and East Fresian Sheep, goats, chickens and a couple of yak. 

The homestead garden features abundant produce that will be familiar to many visitors, but few Minnesota gardeners are as bold as Jane to grow their own rice. Her Facebook page is a blog of intimate sessions milking sheep for artisan cheeses, sharing coffee on the porch with Zinnia the pet ewe, putting food by with an artist's eye for canning, and photos of farm-raised, delectable dinners from her kitchen. 

Meet their baby yak, who just happens to be for sale. Also take time to visit with Land Stewardship Project, who chose this special farm for good reasons. Wildflower Farm is a showcase of what happens when good people do the right thing for the land, and the land then gives them back everything they need for a good life. 

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Products: Take home a tanned Icelandic fleece, raw fleece, or a pair of North Star Farm Tour limited-edition socks that includes their wool. 


Enjoy spinning demonstrations by Kris Haffley. 

Enter to Win: 

A tanned Icelandic Pelt-perfect gift for newborn babies.