1. Berryhill Farm


The Berryhill Farm

49885 County 11 Blvd, Pine Island, MN 55963| 507-244-0786 |  www.TheBerryhillFarm.com 

At The Berryhill Farm we raise the historic and rare breed of sheep, Leicester Longwools (also known as English Leicesters) developed in the mid 1700's by Robert Bakewell. George Washington mentions the breed in several letters, going so far as to say that he made the "choice of good rams from the English Leicester breed" for his own flock. We chose to help preserve this wonderful breed of sheep for many reasons. Owning a smaller acreage it was not realistic to be profitable with a commercial breed of sheep where vast numbers are generally required. With the Leicester Longwools, a dual purpose breed, we have three areas for potential profit: selling breeding quality animals to other interested farms, selling the fleece (in various forms) and finally selling those animals that don't meet breeding standards for meat. The fleece is prized by hand spinners and fiber artists for its curl, soft handle, luster and ease of dying. The meat has a mild flavor and has been served by several restaurants in the Rochester area over the last 5 years with excellent feedback. 


2. Cannon Valley Graziers

Cannon Valley Graziers

31679 Dahomey Ave, Northfield, MN 55057 | 507-581-2374

More information coming soon!

3. Clear Spring Farm

Clear Spring Farm

31139 co 7 Blvd Welch, MN 55089 | 651-212-8099 | www.clearspringfarmyaks.com 

 Clear Spring Farm located near Welch Minnesota is the home of several Royal and Trim Tibetan Yak. These beautiful creatures produce an exotic fiber similar to cashmere that is has superior warmth , strength, and is hypoallergenic. Our herd is exceptionally docile, making it a pleasant experience to photograph your experience visiting the yak farm. Make sure to ask about "Jericho ", who has the world's longest yak horns and is  blessed by a Tibetan monk. He resides in the pasture and loves visitors willing to give him a scratch behind the ears. 


4. Frosty Acres Alpacs

 Frosty Acres Alpacas

2755 470th Ave, Frost, Mn 56033|  507-525-3516 | Facebook.com/frostyacresalpacas 

 Meet the Alpacas from Frosty Acres Alpacas at Clear Spring farm in Welch. Frosty Acres Alpacas will also have hand dyed yarn, natural colored yarn, hand knit mittens and socks available for sale. 


5. Harvest Hill Acres

Harvest Hill Acres

7477 400th St, Dennison, MN 55018 | 713-244-4184 | www.facebook.com/HarvestHillAcres

Visit sheep, llamas, barn cats, rabbits and chickens.  Learn about sheep, wool, and honey bees. Taste honey made at the farm.