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Red Gate Alpaca Farm

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After a visit to Red Gate Alpaca Farm you may forever say, "There's nothing cuter than a cria!" That's the word for a baby alpaca, and there are a few just weeks old in the herd of 70 Suri Alpacas who roam this beautiful 70-acre farm along the Cannon River Valley.

These animals are among the very finest in the United States with royal-sounding bloodline names like Macgyver, Bruxo, Inca, Uribe, Accoyo Camion, Kuma, Jericho, and Macgyver's Armed & Dangerous, just to name a few. 

The distinguishing feature of Suri Alpaca fleece is the long locks favored by spinners and artisans. Natural colors range from white to black and many others. A visit to the website showcases breeding stock that is available and results of competitions nationwide. Interested in showing? Teri and Kraig Quamme won national Rookie Breeder of the Year in 2017. 

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Raw fleeces; locks; artisan garments; live animals.   

Enter to win:  Hand knit sweater made from Suri Alpaca.