About the Farm and Fiber Processing

Tour the oldest full-service custom fiber processing mill in MN on this beautiful, diversified fiber farm nestled along the Vermillion River.

Expect to be greeted by extremely friendly Boer Goats, Shetland Sheep, and Alpaca in a range of gorgeous colors. 

Owner Rachel Boucher offers customers a popular fiber CSA and stocks the on-farm store with raw fiber, roving, luxurious yarns, garments & rugs woven on site. The concepts of locally-grown, artisan-handcrafted doesn't get more local than to visit a place that masters every step of the process. 

This artisan mill is an invaluable partner to shepherds who produce small or large quantities of fiber each year and otherwise would have few options for processing. 

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Products: Raw fiber, roving, yarn, garments & rugs woven on site. North Star Farm Tour limited edition socks.

Check the website for details about custom processing.