Get bentz farm

About the Farm

Just west of Northfield, MN, overlooking the Cannon River Valley, you'll find family operated Get Bentz Farm, where beautifully colored Icelandic sheep can be seen grazing in the woods or on restored prairie as part of an intentional, rotational grazing and land management plan. 

This tour site will feature grazing for healthy soils and sponsor a remarkable "outdoor classroom" demonstration about why it's important to improve soils by experts from Land Stewardship Project. 

The Bentz family proudly offers:

  • grass fed lamb- available in Fall
  • locally processed raw lamb wool fleeces
  • tanned pelts
  • yarn
  • roving
  • batting
  • wool bedding-eco-friendly; chemically-free

Demonstrations: Head shepherd Theresa also spins and felts and will be demonstrating throughout the weekend. 

Food on site: Enjoy exceptionally good food from The Local Plate onsite food truck while you shop the vendor fair and share conversations about farming with representatives of Minnesota Farmers' Union and Land Stewardship Project. 

Learn More

"Healthy Soils" workshop

Saturday 2 pm

Products:  Grass fed lamb; raw fleece; felted crafts; tanned pelts; yarn; roving; batting; wool bedding.  

Demonstrations: Spinning, felting, and roping.

Food: The Local Plate food truck

Enter to Win: Skein of handspun yarn, bulky 2 ply- $30